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Washing and styling your hair on the run is a process we all desperately try to avoid, eventually leaving us with greasy hair by the end of a vacation or extra busy week. The Waffle Hair Wrap is lightweight and easy to pack in a suitcase or gym bag, but it allows you to maintain healthy hair with minimal time and effort.


How to useHow to use

I’m so in love with this waffle hair wrap from OMORFIE hair care. This literally cuts my drying time in half, has helped so much with unruly frizz and also with damage to my hair! It’s super easy to use (and convenient) and I love how secure it stays on my head so I can multitask while wearing it. I jump out of the shower throw my hair up in this towel (can run around the house doing chores or breastfeed without it falling off because of the button on the back) and then when I go to dry my hair it has cut my blow-drying time in half 

This is obviously a game-changer for me being a new mommy!


What’s wrong with towel drying?

Towels are made up of many loops and can cause hair pull, especially around the hairline. This results in frizz and flyaways. Team ‘gentle hair drying’ for the win.

Is using a hair wrap better than blow-drying?

When hair is waterlogged it weakens the cuticle from the inside out. Wrapping your delicate locks in the Waffle Hair Wrap after your shower speeds up your drying time (by 50%) - less time blow drying, more time multitasking. 

Is it okay to leave my hair to dry naturally?

Air drying is totally healthy. Pro Tip: comb your hair neatly after the shower and leave in the Waffle Hair Wrap for as long as needed. Mist Beat The Heat to shield your hair from UV and a few drops of Lush Hour for added nourishment.

Why will I love the Waffle Hair Wrap?

There are SO MANY reasons to love our Waffle Hair Wrap. The highly absorbent microfibre fabric means your hair will be dry in no time, with less frizz than you get from a regular towel.

Plus, you’ll have your hands free to complete your other beauty rituals.

Looking for a new gym buddy? The resealable, biodegradable storage bag means you can take your Waffle Hair Wrap on the go for a quick transformation from sweaty to Betty. 

And while size doesn’t matter, the Waffle Wrap is big enough to hold even the longest of manes, while small enough not to weigh you down.