" I've been using Let's Get Lush Shampoo + Conditioner for the past month and it has seriously improved the texture and shine of my hair. I love that it's vegan and eco-friendly with no nasties! It comes in a kit with this waffle hair wrap I'm wearing, which cuts drying time in half and doesn't cause hair breakage like a towel does."  Dr. Tiffany Moon

Is there anything better than that feeling that comes from self-care? You return rested and revitalised, with a glow that comes from within. We believe you should be able to tap into that feeling any time your hair needs a little pick-me-up, and so, inspired by the best pamper sesh, we are excited to introduce the Ultimate Lush Hour.

Reasons we love Quench Your Thirst hair masque #1976: When you say “hello” to hydrated hair, you say “goodbye” to frizz, tangles and flyaways. With the softer and silkier hair that comes hand-in-hand with hydration, you’ll find yourself spending less time detangling and blow-drying, styling will seem oh-so-effortless.

What can Let’s Get Lush do for you? This OMORFIE shampoo and conditioner set has the enviable ability to remove scalp buildup and restore shine to dry and dehydrated hair. Combat damage with a hair care due that provides a deep cleanse and intense hydration for strong, smooth strands.

This lightweight-mist provides an even application to protect your hair from any thermal or UV damage, without leaving you weighed down with excess residue. Style smart with Beat the Heat, for strong, smooth and damage-free hair.

For those experiencing split ends and hair fall, the Beach Comb could be your simple solution. The wide tooth design and solid frame of the Beach Comb aids in the reduction of breakage when detangling even heavily knotted hair.

Give your hair a break from the heat with the Waffle Hair Wrap. Regular blow drying can lead to irreversible damage to your hair cuticles and strands. Not only does the Waffle Hair Wrap not require any heat, but there’s no need for rubbing, scrunching or wringing and it’s extra gentle on your hair.

We know the excitement in receiving your new hair care routine, that’s why we confirm orders instantly and send the tracking link directly to your email because nothing beats watching your parcel make its way to you.

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