The Spa FAQ'S

What is The Spa?

The Spa is a loyalty program that unlocks a whole new level of luxury.

There are four tiers at The Spa. Starting at Check-in and moving up all the way to Day Spa, 

To unlock each tier you need to do three things: earn points, engage on social media and review products.

So where do you start? By checking in…


Welcome to The Spa. This is where everyone starts. Get a head start on stacking points by completing the Earn Reward tasks. You’ll also receive 1 deluxe sample and earn 1 point per $1.00 spent.

The Lounge

Cue relaxing botanical tea in hand, you’re awaiting a luxurious treatment. For every 100 points you’ll receive $8.00 to redeem on your next order, additionally 1 free deluxe sample and 1 point per $1.00 spent. 

Glam Room

You can start cashing in $10 for every 100 Spa Points earned. Keep an eye on your inbox for exclusive competitions and giveaways that will be sent. You also get one free mini product, and all the perks from the other tiers. You’ll also earn 1.5 points per $1.00 spent.

Day Spa

Congratulations. You’ve made it! You’ve hit the very top of The Spa. On this level, you will be treated to a Birthday gift on your special day and one free full-sized product. You’ll also have exclusive access to our secret annual sale and can cash in $12 for every 100 Spa Points earned. You get the perks from the other tiers. You’ll also earn 2 points per $1.00 spent.

How do I move up a tier?

Earn Spa Points.
Spa Points are what you need to help move up a tier at The Spa.

Every dollar you spend on me is 1 Spa Point.

  • Review Me.
    Tell the world about your results and earn up to 145 Spa Points. You’ll receive an email 2 weeks after making a purchase. Fill it out. Hit send. Spa Points in your account.
  • Follow Me.
    Get 20 Spa Points for following Omorfie on Instagram and liking our Facebook page. Total: 40 points.
  • Join Me.
    Join The Spa and get 50 Pink Points instantly.

What points do I need to move-up tiers?

You need a certain number of Pink Points and successful referrals to unlock each level.

  • Check-in
    To check-in you need: 0 – 99 Pink Points.
  • The Lounge
    To check-in you need: 100 – 299 Pink Points.
  • Glam Room
    To check-in you need: 300 – 499 Pink Points.
  • Day Spa
    To check-in you need: 500 or more Pink Points.

How do I check my Spa Points balance?

You can check your Spa Points balance on The Spa Loyalty dashboard.

Do my reward coupons expire? 

Your coupon will expire after 4 weeks. 

What is the minimum spend to redeem my reward coupon?

To redeem your coupon on your next order, you’ll need to spend $50 for it to apply. If you have a $10 coupon, this means your order will be brought down to $40, and so on. 

Can I redeem multiple coupons in one transaction?

Only one coupon can be redeemed at a time. If you have multiple coupons in your account, you can choose which coupon you want to redeem at checkout and apply to your order.

Where can I see The Spa Terms & Conditions? 

Right here.