What is your full name?

Dina cantin

Instagram handle?


Hair Type?


Hair texture?


Is your hair color-treated?


How often do you wash your hair?

1 time a week

How long does it take to style your hair?

10-20 minutes

Do you wear hair extensions?


What are your biggest hair concerns?

  • Hair Fall
  • Hair Thinning
  • Frizz

What is your typical hair care routine? Eg: do you wash and condition daily? do you blow out every day?

Blow out once a week. Off days wash and braid

What is one haircare task or treatment you wish you could simplify?

What is one thing you wish you knew about your hair in your 20s that you know now?

Taking better care of my scalp to encourage hair growth

Why is sustainability/minimizing your environmental impact important to you?

We must be part of the solution not the problem

Here's a crystal ball 🔮 what is your dream hair wish?

Thicker fuller less frizz

Dina Cantin

Dina Cantin