After stressful situations,I tend to lose my hair around the front of the hairline. Besides taking supplements, I was missing the key ingredient, and that's great haircare, and I finally found it! OMORFIE - I love everything the company stands for. The Shampoo (Let's Get Lush) smells so lovely and clean. My favorite product is this plant-based oil (Lush Hour). I don't have to blowdry my hair; I'm just going to leave it and let it dry naturally, and my hair won't be the usual frizzbomb it usually is. 

Dina Cantin
Dina Cantin



What is your full name?

Dina cantin

Instagram handle?


Hair Type?


Hair texture?


Is your hair color-treated?


How often do you wash your hair?

1 time a week

How long does it take to style your hair?

10-20 minutes

Do you wear hair extensions?


What are your biggest hair concerns?

  • Hair Fall
  • Hair Thinning
  • Frizz

What is your typical hair care routine? Eg: do you wash and condition daily? do you blow out every day?

Blow out once a week. Off days wash and braid

What is one haircare task or treatment you wish you could simplify?

What is one thing you wish you knew about your hair in your 20s that you know now?

Taking better care of my scalp to encourage hair growth

Why is sustainability/minimizing your environmental impact important to you?

We must be part of the solution not the problem

Here's a crystal ball 🔮 what is your dream hair wish?

Thicker fuller less frizz

Dina Cantin

Dina Cantin

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How to Treat Your Locks with OMORFIE

How to Treat Your Locks with OMORFIE

With all the colouring, bleaching and heat styling our hair endures, damage seems unavoidable. Using QUENCH YOUR THIRST on the regular gives your hair the chance to strengthen and repair, reversing the damage done before it’s too late.

QUENCH YOUR THIRST was created to give your hair a concentrated hit of moisture and nourishment, but, have you ever tried using a hair masque and didn’t see the results you were hoping for? Perhaps your hair was left much the same, or feeling weighed down and greasy? 

Here are our top tips on how to achieve the best results from our bff QUENCH YOUR THIRST:


When your hair needs a little extra TLC, there is nothing we recommend more than a date with QUENCH YOUR THIRST. But, don’t over-do it, once a week is more than enough. Leave your treatment in for up to 15 minutes to ensure your hair has absorbed all the nutrients it needs to stay strong and healthy while speeding up the recovery process for extremely damaged hair. 



Not every hair type requires the same application process when it comes to hair masques. If you are finding your hair is not responding as well as it could be, perhaps you need to be adjusting the amount and timing of your treatment. 

As you would assume, very thick or curly hair requires more product to evenly distribute, while extremely dry or damaged hair would need a full 15 minutes to absorb all it can. If your hair is left feeling heavy, use less treatment for a shorter amount of time. We are always happy to provide recommendations for you depending on your hair’s needs, so don’t hesitate to reach out!



Making sure your hair is clean before you apply QUENCH YOUR THIRST will make a big difference in how it replenishes your hair. Don't apply on dirty hair as it will be left feeling weighed down and won’t be able to absorb the nutrients like you want, which is not the goal here!

Gently cleanse your hair with LET’S GET LUSH Shampoo prior to QTY, to rid your locks of any dirt or build up and create a clean canvas for QUENCH YOUR THIRST to start working its magic.



Just like LET'S GET LUSH Conditioner, you should always be keeping your hair masque closer to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair and avoid the roots.

Not only do the ends hold the most damage and therefore need the extra love, but your roots are already drawing a lot of nutrients from your scalp and hold all the natural oils your scalp produces.

Applying a QUENCH YOUR THIST or LET'S GET LUSH Conditioner to your roots will leave them feeling oily and heavy. So, leave all the nourishing goodness for your mid-lengths and ends!



To get the best, and most even, results from your QUENCH YOUR THIRST hair masque, make sure it is reaching every strand equally.

Using The BEACH COMB to evenly distribute QUENCH YOUR THIRST through your hair (remember: mid-lengths and ends!) before leaving it to sit, to ensure you have hit every spot. As an added bonus, this will also ensure you are getting the most out of your masque and not using any more than you need to.

Reminder: You should always be using a wide-tooth comb when handling wet hair to avoid breaking or snapping your strands. Look no further than IT’S A WRAP KIT for all your damage-fighting needs.

Now sit back, relax and revel in your newly revived locks.