Let's Get Lush by OMORFIE is just amazing! They Infuse your hair with so much moisture and body and after your shower, I also loved by OMORFIE, the Waffle Towel Wrap My daughter and I just swear by it.

Aviva Drescher
Aviva Drescher



What is your full name?

Aviva Drescher

Instagram handle?


Hair Type?


Hair texture?


Is your hair color-treated?


How often do you wash your hair?

2-3 times a week

How long does it take to style your hair?

10-20 minutes

Do you wear hair extensions?


Do you know how to curl/wave your hair with a hair straightener (flat-iron)


What are your biggest hair concerns?

  • Dry
  • Damage
  • Itchy Scalp

What is your typical hair care routine? Eg: do you wash and condition daily? do you blow out every day?

I wash and condition with Let's Get Lush. Apply Beat The Heat leave in , then dry naturally usually. Sometimes blow dry.

What is one haircare task or treatment you wish you could simplify?

The Blow Dry

Why is sustainability/minimizing your environmental impact important to you?

To help the future

Here's a crystal ball 🔮 what is your dream hair wish?

More moisture, more body.

Aviva Drescher

Aviva Drescher
Real Hair Journeys - Aviva Drescher

Real Hair Journeys - Aviva Drescher

When she wanted to get a leg up on her hair care routine, it’s no surprise that former Real Housewives of New York star Aviva Drescher turned to OMORFIE.

Already a fan of natural hair care products, OMORFIE’s ‘no nasties’ approach to product development definitely resonates with this New York beauty. But we have a few other tricks up our sleeve that we can’t wait for Aviva to experience.

Aviva has naturally straight hair that she colours regularly. Like so many busy mothers, she wants to keep her hair care routine as simple as possible, and if there is a way to restore some of the moisture those New York summer days strip out, even better.

Our solution? LUSH KIT

Although pollution is a factor, one of Aviva's main causes of a dry and itchy scalp is actually found in lots of shampoos - sulphates. Sulphates are used to create a foamy lather to help clean away grime and dirt. But it is not a case of ‘the foamier the better’ because sulphates actually strip the natural oils and moisture from your hair and scalp. Thankfully, OMORFIE’s Let’s Get Lush Shampoo is not only free from sulphates, it’s gentle, moisture-infusing solution is specially formulated to leave hair soft and lush, without weighing it down.

A fan of leave-in conditioner, we’re excited for Aviva to try our moisture-packed Let’s Get Lush Conditioner - no lengthy leaving-in required. Lightweight enough to use on its own, the Vitamin E found in Let’s Get Lush Conditioner helps promote hair growth and shine. Plus, our specialised conditioning formula allows the cream to penetrate directly into the hair follicle, protecting the scalp from damage and dryness. To get that even coverage she craves, we recommend Aviva comb the conditioner through her locks using our wide-toothed Beach Comb.

Finally, to help Aviva save time, and to make styling even easier, Aviva needs to follow her wash with a waffle - a waffle hair wrap that is! Absorbent and luxurious, the White Waffle Hair Wrap cuts drying time in half, without the friction which causes flyaways and frizz.

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