What is your full name?

Aviva Drescher

Instagram handle?


Hair Type?


Hair texture?


Is your hair color-treated?


How often do you wash your hair?

2-3 times a week

How long does it take to style your hair?

10-20 minutes

Do you wear hair extensions?


Do you know how to curl/wave your hair with a hair straightener (flat-iron)


What are your biggest hair concerns?

  • Dry
  • Damage
  • Itchy Scalp

What is your typical hair care routine? Eg: do you wash and condition daily? do you blow out every day?

I wash and condition with Let's Get Lush. Apply Beat The Heat leave in , then dry naturally usually. Sometimes blow dry.

What is one haircare task or treatment you wish you could simplify?

The Blow Dry

Why is sustainability/minimizing your environmental impact important to you?

To help the future

Here's a crystal ball 🔮 what is your dream hair wish?

More moisture, more body.

Aviva Drescher

Aviva Drescher