Washing and styling your hair on the run is a process we all desperately try to avoid, eventually leaving us with greasy hair by the end of a vacation or extra busy week. Not only is the Waffle Hair Wrap lightweight and easy to pack in a suitcase or gym bag, but it allows you to maintain healthy hair with minimal time and effort.

The delicious waffle pattern not only looks good enough to eat, it also absorbs water fast, cutting your drying time in half.

Made from ultra-fine fibres, this innovative fabric is lightweight and super soft.

Good things definitely come in small packages. Throw the Waffle Hair Wrap in your beach bag or gym kit for effortless drying on the go.

The Waffle Hair Wrap is ready to lend a hand. Two in fact! Secure your hair comfortably no matter the length, leaving your hands free to focus on your other beauty rituals.

Waterlogged hair weakens it from the inside out, which leads to frizz and colour fade. Which makes the Waffle Hair Wrap your hair’s new security blanket.

We know the excitement in receiving your new hair care routine, that’s why we confirm orders instantly and send the tracking link directly to your email because nothing beats watching your parcel make its way to you.

On orders over $70 Standard shipping is FREE, and $10.00 for others. Can’t wait? Express shipping is $20.00.

Standard shipping within Australia is FREE, Can’t wait? Express shipping is $15.00.

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Putting on the Waffle Hair Wrap is effortless.

Step 1. Gently squeeze the water from your hair and lean forward so your hair gently falls over your head.

Step 2. Place the button at the nape of the your neck, twist as needed for the perfect fit. Flip the twist back & fasten the loop around the button.

Step 3. Leave Waffle Hair Wrap on until hair feels damp.

Care/Wash Instructions

Caring for your Waffle Hair Wrap.

– Hang-dry your Waffle Hair Wrap immediately after each use.
– Wash before first use. Machine wash in warm water on gentle cycle using a minimal amount of liquid detergent.
– Do not use powder detergents, fabric softeners. We recommend using a mild laundry liquid.
– Dry straight after washing, on low heat or air dry.

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