Proudly Silicone-Free

At OMORFIE, our products are proudly silicone-free, it’s always a point we make sure to mention. But, in a world where brands are spouting words like ‘natural’ and ‘non-toxic’ freely, it is hard to decipher what this actually means. Where many products have claimed ‘silicone-free’, have any of us actually been told why? Why do brands use/not use silicones, and why is this important for us to know for our overall hair health.

Not only does OMORFIE want to give you the tools you need to restore healthy hair, but give you the knowledge to maintain it too. 

So, let’s start here: Silicone, why we avoid it at all costs and why you should too.

Silicones are used often in beauty products, predominantly hair care. They are, essentially, a large class of materials that coat your hair and aid in providing smoothness and shine. Any brand that uses silicone will spout these benefits and while this sounds like exactly what we want from our hair care products, it is, in fact, all an illusion.

Silicone is almost like a rubber or plastic, it acts as a sealant against water and air and prevents moisture and nutrients from penetrating the follicle. Silicones essentially waterproof the hair and do not easily wash out.

As silicones are not easily rinsed from your hair, the build-up and residue it leaves behind are the true culprits when it comes to the negative effects of silicone. While you’ll get the shine and softness you crave from the first wash, over time your hair will become weighed down, limp and lifeless. On top of this, silicone makes it harder for any colour to take to your hair (with it washing out much quicker) and conditioners aren’t able to penetrate your hair nearly as well.

Basically, silicone suffocates your hair, preventing any nutrients from reaching the hair shaft. Over time your precious tresses will become dry and brittle from lack of moisture, leading to breakage and frizz. Chances are, any masques, oils or treatments you might be using to rectify this aren’t really working to their full potential due to your silicone-based shampoo or conditioner, meaning this cycle is never broken.