It’s finally here, the launch you’ve all been waiting for… The exclusive collection, Gretchen Christine for OMORFIE.

Along with OMORFIE’s first ever Shampoo and Conditioner range, Let’s Get Lush, this collaboration sees the premiere of the limited edition luxury White Waffle Hair Wrap. Available individually or as a complete Lush Kit, this collection is the only way to take healthy hair from wet to dry.

The original Waffle Hair Wrap is a crowd favourite, loved worldwide, how did we make it even better, you ask? The White Waffle Hair Wrap is thicker, more absorbent and more luxurious. 

It’s the only wrap to cut down drying time, banish frizz AND keep you looking super chic while you wait. By protecting your hair while it dries, and cutting down on 'blow-drying' time, the White Waffle Hair Wrap is more absorbent and helps reduce breakage and damage done to your hair while wet. 

At OMORFIE we believe, the simple the better. That's why everything we create is not only designed to deliver professional results but features an array of natural, plant-based ingredients. Oh, and did we mention? We are sulphate and paraben free. 

It's ultra moisturising, super gentle and, most importantly, cruelty-free! The Lush Kit is perfectly suited for dry, damaged or thin hair, but of course, all hair types will reap the benefits. Experience it for yourself.