Hair comes in all textures, length, colour and condition, which is why we have formulated hair care with healthy hair in mind. You’ve just got to know how to work your new products for maximum advantage. Get ready to GET LUSH


If your hair is thin and fine it is also fragile, be gentle. Your hair will require less shampoo to distribute throughout your locks and too much conditioner will only weigh your hair down, so less is more. Don't forget, mid-lengths and ends only!


You are going to need extra to get through all that hair! This is where the 'rinse and repeat' option comes in, depending on how oily your hair gets. Make sure to only stick to your ends when you condition. Thick hair tends to be quite heavy and too much conditioner on your scalp will only make your hair flat. 


If your hair tends to get quite oily, and you are finding you are washing your hair most days. Focus on the shampoo, and only use conditioner on the tips. Conditioner is there to seal your hair's cuticle, so it doesn't knot-up.  So, the Shampoo will cut through any grease up top, while the conditioner keeps your ends healthy and split-end free.


Exact opposite! Use a little less shampoo to avoid irritating an already dry scalp (while still enough to clear the grime). Leave your conditioner in longer (a full 3 minutes), so your tresses can absorb all the nutrients. For extra damaged and dry hair, follow up with a hair masque (hello, Quench Your Thirst!) once a week for ultimate hydration.



  • Rinse your hair with warm water, activating the shampoo.
  • Work the shampoo into your hair for 30-60 seconds. For longer, thicker hair, work roots to tips to ensure good coverage.
  • The ‘rinse and repeat’ applies to those with oilier/greasier hair to ensure there is nothing left behind. 


  • Using the appropriate amount of product, begin working into your mid-lengths and ends.
  • For dry hair, work closer to the scalp. Sticking to the ends for oily-er hair.
  • Leave for 2-3 minutes to absorb the goodness + rinse well.