Let’s start at the beginning: Your hair is beautiful. 

Hair comes in all different textures, lengths, and colours - it may take up your time and sometimes it might not do quite what you want, but it’s uniquely yours. 

Whether your hair is long, short, straight, curly, fine, thick, or anything in between, it deserves love and care. This is why we’ve formulated hair care with healthy hair in mind. It’s all about knowing how to work with your hair for maximum advantage. So, are you ready to GET LUSH?

Let's GET LUSH Shampoo & Conditioner


Fine or thin hair is often fragile, meaning you should be as gentle as possible with it. Your hair will require less shampoo than those with thicker locks, and it’s best to use only a small amount of conditioner as too much will weigh it down. When it comes to thin and fine hair, less is more! Distribute conditioner on the mid-lengths to ends only.


Ever heard of rinse and repeat? This option was made for curly and thick hair! After all, you are going to need a little extra to get through all of that hair, depending on how oily your hair gets. As is the case with thinner hair, too much conditioner can weigh the strands down, so 

it’s best to focus on the ends. Thick hair can already be quite heavy, so try to keep the conditioner away from your scalp so as not to further flatten it.


If you find that you are washing your hair most days, you likely have an oily hair type. Focus on shampoo, especially at your roots, and really massage it into your scalp. Use conditioner only on the tips of your hair as too much can only add to that ‘oily’ look. Conditioner will seal your hair’s cuticle to prevent knots, while shampoo will cut through any grease up top. Try to 

spread your hair washing days out, as over-washing can cause dehydration and add to oiliness instead of preventing it.


When dealing with dry hair, you’ll want to use less shampoo to avoid further drying out your scalp - but still enough to thoroughly clean your hair. It’s a good idea to leave your conditioner on for 2-3 minutes, so it can really absorb into your strands and rehydrate them. If your hair is extra dry or damaged, follow up with a hair masque (hello, Quench Your Thirst!) once a week for an extra boost of hydration and nutrients.


Let's GET LUSH Shampoo

  • Rinse your hair with warm water as this will activate the shampoo. 
  • Work the shampoo into your hair for 30-60 seconds. For longer or thicker hair, work roots to tips to ensure good coverage. 
  • The ‘rinse and repeat’ applies to those with oilier/greasier or thicker hair to make sure there is nothing left behind.


Let's GET LUSH Conditioner

  • Using the appropriate amount of product for your hair type, begin working into your mid-lengths and ends. 
  • For dry hair, work closer to the scalp. Stick to the ends for oilier hair. ● Leave for 2-3 minutes to absorb the goodness + rinse well.

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