5 Reasons to Invest in a Hair Masque

Hair masques... Heard of them? They are having a real moment and for good reason. 

When it comes to hair styling, there is so much that can cause damage to your precious tresses. From blow drying and straightening to bleaching and colouring, it is hard to maintain that healthy, hydrated hair we all dream of. Enter, the Hair Masque.

Hair mask treatments like OMORFIE’s Quench Your Thirst can help bring your tired, damaged locks back to life, stronger and healthier than ever. Whether you need regular, weekly treatments or simple a once-a-month top up, this treatment is worth the investment.


1. It'll encourage your hair to grow.

Everyone's hair has a natural "breaking point", the point at which your hair seems to simply give up and stop growing. While some will never have that Rapunzel-like waist-grazing hair, caring for your tresses properly can help encourage a couple of extra inches. 

Stronger hair can endure more damage and will be harder to break or snap. Weekly hair masques, like Quench Your Thirst, will help keep your hair strong and hydrated.

Quench your thirst hair masque | Hydrating hair mask | Repair hair mask | OMorfie

2. It’ll help lose the damage, but not the colour.

Whether you are using natural shades to cover your greying roots (aging, am I right?), or bold colours for a dramatic change, hair dyes, especially DIY box colours, can fade very quickly. A carefully chosen conditioning masque, packed with natural oils (did someone say Quench Your Thirst?), should be used weekly to hydrate and repair your hair and help lock in that beautiful colour of yours. That dye-job took time and money, make sure it lasts!


3. It protects bleached hair.

The process of going lighter doesn’t just pull pigment from your hair, but moisture as well, we call this the 'perfect storm'. So, if you are bleaching on the regular, it’s no wonder your hair is feeling dry and lifeless.  An ultra-hydrating masque (like Quench Your Thirst)  is exactly what you need. Lather up your mid-lengths to ends, tie it back, and let the treatment infuse deep into your strands for up to 20 mins, no doubt you’ll be left looking fresh, bright and healthy.

Quench your thirst hair masque | Hydrating hair mask | Repair hair mask | OMorfie

4. It’s the perfect excuse for a pamper sesh.

While Quench Your Thirst has been designed for even the most time-poor of babes, ideally, you will be leaving this treatment on for 10-20 minutes- why not make the most of it? This is your perfect excuse for some Sunday afternoon ‘me time’. Face masque, hair masque, a glass of wine and some Netflix, start your week looking and feeling fresh!


5. It makes styling so much easier.

When you say “hello” to hydrated hair, you say “goodbye” to frizz, tangles and flyaways. With the softer and silkier hair that comes hand-in-hand with hydration, you’ll find yourself spending less time detangling and blow-drying/ styling will seem oh-so-effortless. 

Bottom line: Hydrated hair= Happy hair. It’s great to spend time styling, colouring or bleaching your hair, but not at the expense of your precious strands! Protect and repair: That’s our motto!

Quench your thirst hair masque | Hydrating hair mask | Repair hair mask | OMorfie