October 03, 2017


What a massive week this week for the Kardashian clan. Queen of hair extensions, Kylie Jenner is speculated to be pregnant with her rapper boyfriend Travis Scott’s baby. If this is the case, Kylie might find she’ll be wearing a lot less hair extensions thank to her pregnancy hormones and hair growth!

Unfortunately for some of us, many lifestyle factors can contribute to hair loss or hair thinning. Stress, vitamin deficiencies and other factors can contribute to hair loss at various stages of our lives.

First of all, we want to start by saying that regardless of what you see in magazines and on Instagram, please know that most celebrities and personalities wear hair extensions. In fact, celebrity hair extension specialists often comment that they believe 70% of celebrities wear hair extensions to create big volume as opposed to length. From Kylie Jenner, to Chrissy Teigen, Beyonce and Candice Swanepoel. So if you’re worried about thin hair don’t be so hard on yourselves babes!

Secondly never fear, Omorfie is here! Here are our Top 5 Tips for lovely ladies that have thin hair and want a bit more volume.

Dry Shampoo. If you haven’t tried Dry Shampoo before you are seriously missing out on a little extra volume. As thin hair can often become oilier than thicker hair, a two in one dry shampoo like Aveda Dry Shampoo to reduce oils and create texture. It also smells like heaven, made from 25 pure flower and plant essences. 

Don’t condition your roots! While it can be tempting to apply your conditioner all over like a mini hair mask in the shower, don’t go there girlfriend. Avoid conditioner on your roots which can weigh hair down courtesy of those luxurious oils.

Towel Dry. Yes, it may be a little more vigorous to towel dry (just think of the extra calories you’re burning) but it can help prevent heat damage. Before you throw your hair dryer in the bin, we aren’t saying you can’t ever use it again. The key is to towel dry 80-90% before finishing off with the hair dryer. If you blow dry your hair straight after the shower this can also create a flatter look as the hair can become limp from over heating and over brushing.

Your Haircut. If you’re feeling a little lack lustre it may be time for your hairdresser to change up your haircut. If you prefer longer hair, ask your hairdresser to add a bit of texture to the end to take unnecessary weight off. Think Cameron Diaz style (babe).

OMORFIE Hair Extensions. If you want an instantaneous boost and a touch of glamour try our Omorfie Hair Extensions to add volume and length to your hair. Our hair extensions are made from 100% double drawn Remy Human Hair and come in a variety of colours to blend with your natural hair colour. There are 10 shades and the colouring technique used, means the hair has subtle highlights and lowlights throughout each set. This gives the hair colour dimension and depth. The simple clip in system means that you can have a celebrity red carpet transformation whenever you feel like it! And why not, you deserve it babe!

Our team of professional hair stylists hand select each of the OMORFIE Hair Extensions. If you would like their help in choosing your colour please email OMORFIE care with a recent photo of yourself. Please ensure the photo is taken in natural light without filters. We look forward to hearing from you!