January 08, 2018


It’s the never ending long hair vs short hair debate. All of a sudden we’re seeing IT girls like Bella Hadid chopping off their locks for a high fashion look officially termed (as of two weeks ago) the “Rachel cut*.” The recent 90’s fashion trend has not only influenced our clothes but our hairstyles too.

And as the next hair trend starts popping up all over Instagram, it’s not long before that 2014 Cosmopolitan google quiz “Should I cut my hair” is revived faster than an 80’s original athletic brand.

Let’s cut to the chase, and avoid any advice from 2014 by creating our very own Short Hair vs Long Hair list shall we?

Long Hair
  • You can pretend you are a Candice Swanepoel mermaid and go topless at the beach, European summer anyone?
  • You can make like Kim Kardashian and Naomi Campbell and take belfies with dope long hair
  • You can flick it over your shoulder at a casual attempt of sultry attitude mid conversation with bae
  • Oh yeh and can do some pretty cool hairstyles too
Short Hair
  • It’s like…. so on trend right now
  • Natalie Portman pretty much went bald and still did alright so a bob can’t hurt, right?
  • Limited styling required. Case in point “Lara Bingle” I mean “Lara Worthington”

Ok so we are looking pretty even on the pro front for both. But before you start googling “How long does hair take to grow” (I just googled it – 1.5cm a month) why not have your cake and eat it too?

If the #hairspo coming from Bella Hadid, Selena Gomez, Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevigne is just to strong, cut your hair and add length whenever you want to do an attitude flip with our Omorfie hair extensions.

We offer 10 beautiful colour shades to choose from to blend perfectly with your fresh bob when needed. Omorfie hair extensions have been designed to do no damage to your own hair and the simple clip system means you can change your look whenever you want.


Crisis averted #shorthairdontcare (*because I have Omorfie extensions).

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*The Rachel Cut – /Defn:

used as a term to describe a short bob cut that grazes the shoulders with an abundance of all-over layer.
“Hey look at her new haircut, she’s like a Rachel 2.0”
“I got a haircut just like Rachel from friends, I’m so vintage, cool huh?!?”