May 30, 2017


Fun Fact about me, I always curl my hair with a straightener, which if you haven’t tried, I highly recommend! It takes about 5 minutes, and gives a nice wavy look. Easily achieve that beach hair that everyone is after.

Especially now that I cut my long locks off (moment of silence please) but I still want to acheive that ‘mermaid’ hair. Sometimes a curling iron can be difficult to use with shorter strands (don’t wanna burn your little fingers)

I do have one negative thing to say. You can’t control the temp on this tool. There is only one switch, and it is either off or on, no medium or low settings. My cheap Remington one even had a wheel from 1-30 that I could choose my temp level from. Now this is all fine and dandy for me since I usually use the hottest setting anyways, but there are occasions where I need a lower setting. For example: When I wear my tape in extensions, I use the low setting to gently ‘fuse’ the tape together while in my hair…

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