April 15, 2017


Hey guys! Hope you’re all doing well! I’m back today to share with you all another review, except this time, we’re talking beauty tool rather than a product. A few weeks ago I was asked by the team at Omorfie to try out their newly released straightener (Ena) and share my thoughts with you guys. So here goes!

When they first contacted me, my first thought was how much better/different could this thing be compared to the one I already have? But since I’ve had my current straightener for over eight years now I thought it might be nice to try out a new one, so I agreed. What also made me say yes is the fact that their packaging is eco-friendly and that they partner with the World Wildlife Fund. I kinda like the planet we live on so I love supporting companies that also care and make some efforts to be good to our earth. Also, they offer free express shipping!! I think we can all get behind that even if you’re not as much of a tree hugger as I am.

So I’ve used Ena a few times now, once for a quick touch up (some curls were dying on me) and once to do all my hair post wash. Turns out it is much better than my old one and I love it!

Here’s why:

  • First, let’s just state the obvious, it’s really nice to look at! I love how minimal and chic it looks. Especially when I compare it to my old one that has seen better days….

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