Why You Should Try Curling Your Hair With Your ENA Pro Styler.

Why You Should Try Curling Your Hair With Your ENA Pro Styler.

The title ‘straightener’ gives the idea that this tool is really only made for one thing, but the ENA Pro Styler is so much more than that. It is obviously your go-to when you want to rock that chic, sleek look, but, this is only the beginning when it comes to the styles you can achieve with a flat iron. Trending hairstyles today are all about movement and shape, from effortless beach waves to large voluminous curls- all of which you can master with the humble ENA Pro Styler.

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Why we love it!

ENA ProStyler curls are super speedy: Once you have mastered the technique, you can usually do an entire head of waves in 10 sections or less, especially if you are going for the effortless-wave look.

ENA ProStyler curls are on trend: Modern hairstyles are chic, relaxed and easy. As opposed to the tight, round curls achieved by a traditional curling iron, flat irons create a longer more compressed shape that blends and appears more natural.

ENA ProStyler curls are versatile: Altering the shape and size of your sections, as well as the movement of the iron, will allow you to achieve different curl styles. Anything from full Hollywood curls to ‘I woke up like this’ waves can be created simply by shifting your technique. Check out OMORFIE’s IGTV  to discover technique tips on styling with the ENA ProStyler.

ENA ProStyler curls are long-lasting: With a flat iron, like ENA, you’re heating up both sides of your hair, as opposed to a curling iron which only comes in contact with one. This means the curls/waves are better set and will last way longer and are less likely to ‘droop’.



How to curl your hair with straightener | Omorfie


Trade secrets to curling your hair with a flat iron.

  1. Never skip the heat protector. Anytime you use a thermal styling tool you really need to be using a heat protector, like Beat the Heat, to protect your hair from any damage. Not only will you avoid unnecessary damage, but your hair will have a nice shine and look super sleek.

  2. Keep Moving. One of the most important tips to mastering the flat iron curl is to make sure you keep the iron moving as you work down the section of hair. If you pause or hold the iron against your hair, not only do you risk burning it, but your curl won’t flow as cleanly.

  3. Start the curl at eye level. The trending beach wave style will have the movement starting a few inches from the top of your head, about a quarter of the way down your face. If you have natural curls or waves, use your ENA to smooth out this section of hair before beginning your curl.

  4. Forget the ends. For the ‘beach wave’ look, the movement should be more focused on the mid-lengths of your hair. To get this kind of lazy wave, leave the ends of each section when curling, it will appear way more natural.

  5. Direction matters. To achieve a well blended, natural curl, try alternating directions of your waves- one inward, one outward and so on. For a more structured, formal curl keep them moving in the same direction, away from your face.