The Effortless Girl's Guide to Good Hair

The Effortless Girl's Guide to Good Hair

Haircare shortcuts that will save you time and effort. This one is dedicated to all our fellow lazy girls, those who would rather hit the snooze button a couple more times, than spend an hour (or two) beautifying every a.m. We are here for you! You may call this laziness, but we call it brilliance: OMORFIE’s top tips for fabulous hair, with minimal effort. So, go ahead, hit snooze- You’ve got time!


1. Invest in a good iron.

Only a true lazy gal would understand the motto ‘less is more’, as this encompasses everything in life and transcends into your beauty cabinet. Fewer products, less time, less effort; one might say that this leaves you vulnerable to imperfect hair, but not if those few products you have are the right few. A good hair iron is essential. Even if you do not want to style your whole head of hair, running a straightener over your top layer, flattening down any fly-aways, or adding in a few clean waves, can give the illusion you have gone to more effort. Even straightening out your ponytail or fringe, will give your hair that sleek, frizz-free look you need to look ‘put together’. OMORFIE’s ENA ProStyler, not only heats up in seconds but has larger plates, to help you tackle your hair in thicker sections, getting the job done way faster. You’re welcome.

The beach Comb Omorfie | Wide tooth Comb

2. Create easy access to a wide tooth comb.

Keep frizz and breakage at bay by strategically placing a good comb in your bag or car. Too easy is it to jump out of bed, slap on a bit of mascara and concealer and run out the door, all the while forgetting your hair is in the same top knot it was the night before… but it looks fine, right? Even if you end up throwing it back up, at least run a comb through. A good wide-tooth comb, will not only help prevent damage and breakage (and therefore, reducing fly-aways) but it will also reduce frizz- for all my curly haired friends out there. Keep it in a place you’re likely to see and touch up on the go- make it seem like you have great hair 24/7.

Omorfie Quench your thirst hair masqua | Hydrating Hair Mask

3. Invest in a good treatment.

Whether you spend hours daily on your beauty routine or a mere 15 minutes, it’s important you keep your skin and hair happy and healthy. Regular washing and the occasional trim is great, sure, but your hair endures so much every day. Whether it’s the harsh sun in summer, constant heat styling, bleaching or dying- your hair is exposed to so much that can damage it. Keep this in-check and invest in a good treatment that will rehydrate and bring your locks back to life, before it gets to the point of no return. Our Quench Your Thirst treatment, is designed to do just this. Containing Abyssinian Oil which is easily absorbed into your hair, leaving it with a glossy feel and healthy shine. Plus, you really only need to leave it in for 5-10 minutes, making it the ultimate product for busy babes on the go.

Omorfie Waffle Hair Wrap | Quick Hair Dry Towel

4. Hair wraps are where it’s at.

Sorry to break it to you, but washing your hair at night, towel drying and then going to bed with semi-wet hair, just isn’t going to cut it. The problem here lies in the wet hair. Waterlogged hair weakens it from the inside out, which leads to frizz and colour fade, making it a lot harder to have great hair with minimal effort. A hair wrap, like the Waffle Hair Wrap, will help dry your hair a lot faster, so, will not only reduce damage (from sleeping with wet hair or spending longer on a blow dry) but will save you time i.e. everything you could ever need.