Sustainable Hair Care: What Does Ethical Hair Care Really Mean to OMORFIE?

Sustainable Hair Care: What Does Ethical Hair Care Really Mean to OMORFIE?

Born from a love for the environment and a desire to craft premium solutions that supports hair health and Mother Earth, it’s safe to say we’re proud supporters of sustainable hair care.

Our approach to ethical hair care extends far beyond the ingredients you’ll find in our products though! From the people we work with to the way our products are made; we’re committed to contributing to a better future for our planet.

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Tragically, landfill is one of the greatest causes of environmental degradation. In order to minimise our carbon footprint and avoid creating more landfill, we use 100% recyclable packaging, which is also made from recycled materials. From our product bottles to disc caps, we’re dedicated to loving your hair and the earth at the same time.

Our labels are produced with chemically safe inks and adhesives meaning they won’t poison the earth as the packaging breaks down. Once you’re finished with your OMORFIE product, the packaging will decompose or can be re-used, reducing harm to the planet and lowering the risk of ending up in landfill. Once you’ve ordered your OMORFIE hair care routine, it will arrive in a box made from recycled materials, without any of the excess supplies like tissue or stickers.

Pretty packaging and good for the environment too? It’s a big yes from us!


Not only are natural ingredients kinder on your hair, but they’re also gentler on our environment too. Our products are formulated with only the best local and natural ingredients, hand-picked by us for you and our world. Plant-based proteins and oils such as abyssinian oil, macadamia nut oil, argan oil and flaxseed oil make up most of our range of hair heroes and we’re proudly free of parabens, phthalates, sulphates and silicon. These pure and potent ingredients work wonders on your hair whilst reducing the damage done to the ocean and our waterways once they are washed down the drain. So, you can rest easy that with every OMORFIE hair wash, you’re helping to keep our world free of pollutants and nasties!


When crafting our range, our mission is always to put the needs of our planet ahead of profits. OMORFIE is a cruelty-free brand and does not incorporate animal testing in our development or production phases. You’ll also be hard pressed to find OMORFIE retailing in any country that sanctions animal testing, as part of our mission and vision to save the animal industry worldwide.


We are dedicated to only building partnerships and relationships with businesses who share our vision for a better planet. We believe that true sustainability is a collaborative effort and by partnering up with like-minded manufacturers, suppliers and retailers, we can all work together in creating a healthier future for our planet.

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