Reboot Your Haircare Routine

Reboot Your Haircare Routine

And just like that… her hair was dry and ready to style! 

Every stylish woman knows the best accessory for any outfit is gorgeous, healthy, shiny hair. But when you’ve got a lunch date with your besties, who has time for a complicated haircare routine?

Probably no surprise then, that the queen of style herself, Carrie Bradshaw, can be spotted in the SATC reboot sporting one of the best tools for style-ready hair - the hair wrap.



Did you know that rubbing your wet hair with a regular towel can lead to frizz and breakage? This is because your hair is at its most vulnerable when it’s wet. Just like too much friction in a relationship can lead to a break-up, too much friction across your scalp can lead to breakage and frizz. 

Designed to cut drying time in half, the WAFFLE HAIR WRAP absorbs water fast while leaving your hands free to sift through your wardrobe choices. Plus, the ultra-fine fibres and waffle pattern make it super soft and gentle on your delicate strands - kinda like being wrapped in a hug from your best GF.

WAFFLE HAIR WRAP | SATC | Sarah Jessica Parker


For healthy hair so shiny it will stop traffic, get your hands on the ultimate style accessory.