NEW HAIR GOALS - Jennifer Davis

NEW HAIR GOALS - Jennifer Davis

We checked back in with our favorite Texan beauty - and OG Real Housewives of Dallas- Jennifer Davis to find out more about her OMORFIE journey, and her hair goals for 2024.

“Before OMORFIE if I had tried to wash my hair and not dry it, it would just look like a frizzy mess...”

Just four weeks into her OMORFIE journey and Jen was raving about the difference in her hair’s structure and shine. By using our LUSH KIT - featuring our lightweight moisturising shampoo and conditioner and uber-soft WAFFLE HAIR WRAP - Jen was able to banish her biggest hair concern… the frizzies!

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Looking ahead, Jen told us the one haircare routine she wishes she could simplify in 2022 is the blowout. Because of her naturally thick, wavy tresses, blowdrying takes a loooong time and prolonged heat can weaken and destroy vital proteins in your hair, leaving it vulnerable to breakage.


We’re challenging Jen to swap the blowdryer for our ENA PRO STYLER. Featuring Onyx Tourmaline Technology, ENA will give Jen perfectly controlled heat application, which means no more going over and over and over her hair. The ultra-smooth, curved-edge floating plates make it perfect for curling as well as straightening, so Jen can rock her signature waves, plus, ENA heats up in seconds flat, meaning she can go from frizz to fabulous in no time.

We already know that Jen loves a spritz of BEAT THE HEAT when she gets out of the pool, so we can’t wait for her to see the results when she adds this Vitamin B5-packed heat protection spray to her hot-styling routine. A quick spray of this ultra-fine mist will form a protective barrier over the hair cuticle to shield in the shine.

Oh, and don’t can’t forget our handy wide-toothed BEACH COMB, carefully designed to effortlessly detangle even the most drama-prone tresses.


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