Meet your new hair hero: the Waffle Hair Wrap

Meet your new hair hero: the Waffle Hair Wrap

Hair wraps are having a big moment right now. Gone are the days of wrapping up your hair in a heavy bath towel, now we’re all about maximum TLC for our tresses.

Constructed with extra fine fibres, our Waffle Hair Wrap is super soft and gentle on both fine and thicker hair, making it ideal for all hair types and it does more than just dry your hair.

A hair wrap that reduces frizz, nourishes and protects? Believe us when we say that not all heroes wear capes!  Here’s why you need to add a hair wrap to your beauty arsenal pronto…

Damage less, dry more

When hair is wet, it is compromised and more susceptible to damage, meaning aggravating drying methods can cause breakages to occur. Using a regular towel made from course material or applying heat from a hair dryer to rid your hair of moisture is a sure-fire way to create an environment for damage.

Enter our Waffle Hair Wrap! The wrap’s extra absorbent fabric ensures as much water as possible is drawn from your hair to help speed up the drying process. The soft, ultra-fine fibres won’t damage the fragile follicles of your strands – it’s like a hug for your hair.

WAFFLE HAIR WRAP | OMORFIE | Sustainable Hair Care | Natural

Hands free, time rich

No one loves standing in the bathroom slaving away with a hot hair dryer, in fact it can take up precious time out of your morning routine. Simply place our Waffle Hair Wrap over wet hair, fasten the loop and leave on while you enjoy a coffee or try on 10 different outfit options… When you’re ready to go simply remove the wrap, run our Beach Comb through and head out for the day!

Gretchen Rossi | OMORFIE | WAFFLE HAIR WRAP | Sustainable Hair Care | Natural

Less friction, less frizz

Let’s be real, frizzy hair is not fun hair. Unfortunately for your locks, many traditional drying methods can cause that pesky frizz and flyaways we're always trying to tame. Frizz is often caused by excessive pulling and breakage of the hair but thanks to its ultra-fine makeup, our Waffle Hair Wrap doesn’t pull on your precious tresses so that frizz won’t happen.   

WAFFLE HAIR WRAP | OMORFIE | Sustainable Hair Care | Natural

Helps hair, helps you

If you love to curl your hair, you’ll know how hard it is to keep those precious curls in place for long. Thankfully for you, our Wrap is here to help you do just that!

Curls take so long to perfect but can take so little to undo, especially overnight. This is because when our hair follicles move across and rest against the pillow as we get our beauty sleep, the pressure causes them to stand on end. That’s why you can go to bed with those luscious curls and wake up with a not so luscious bird’s nest.

By gently encasing your curls in the wrap before you sleep, you minimise the pressure on the hair follicles which will help you retain the beautiful curls for days longer than normal with minimal effort to upkeep them.

Get ready to say hello to beautiful hair, everyday!

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