How To: Protect Your Locks While You Sleep

How To: Protect Your Locks While You Sleep

We all have (or aspire to have) a nighttime beauty routine. For most, it starts off with makeup removal, a double cleanse, oils, serums, moisturisers- all done at a speed that still allows for the 7-9 hours of recommended sleep. Much of the time, hair is thrown back it a tight top knot, assuming it hasn’t just been left in the same style as it has been the rest of the day. This, right here, is one of your biggest hair care mistakes. Protecting your hair from damage and breakage goes far beyond a simple heat protector spray and the occasional 10-minute mask. It’s so easy, yet so often neglected, to protect your hair while you sleep: Here are our top tips.


1. Avoid sleeping with your hair tied up

Sleeping with your hair up in a top knot or ponytail may seem harmless, especially since keeping hair out of your face is a commonly referred to beauty tip (ironic!), but the tension of having your hair tied up and high all night can put strain on your scalp and, therefore, lead to eventual hair damage. Instead, opt for a simple, loose braid. Not only will this save your hair ends from breakage caused by excessive friction between your hair and pillowcase, but you still keep it away from your face while you snooze. Plus, you have the added advantage of waking up with super chic, heatless waves.

How To: Protect Your Hair While Sleeping | Omorfie Hair Care

2. Dry your hair before calling it a night

We get it, you're not a morning person and in order to get that bonus sleep-in, you wash your hair at night. While there are a lot of (mostly time-saving) advantages to this, keep in mind, hair is at its most vulnerable state when wet. It’s really important to dry your hair completely to prevent breakage and tugging while you sleep. If you’re not down for a full blowout (with heat protector, of course), make sure to give yourself an extra hour or two, just to make sure it’s completely dry. Better yet, invest in an OMORFIE Waffle Hair Wrap, to help cut your drying time in half, without doing any damage to those gorgeous locks of yours and cutting back on the frizz. 


3. Silk pillowcases: Not just a fad.

Here’s one you’ve heard before: Silk pillowcases are a total beauty must-have. Not only are they great for your skin and help reduce breakouts, but they are also superstars in caring for your precious tresses- definitely worth the investment. Silk is a much gentler fabric than cotton, the smaller fibres help prevent your ends from excessive damage and tugging, especially if you tend to toss and turn while you sleep. Reduce breakage and frizz: it’s that easy!

How To: Protect Your Hair While Sleeping | Omorfie Hair Care

4. Brush your hair before bed

There’s an old myth that suggests you should comb or brush your hair 100x a day to achieve optimal length and shine. While we cannot say whether this is true or not, gently brushing your hair with a wide tooth comb or paddle brush before bed will ensure you go to sleep tangle-free and give you a better shot of waking up with sleek, healthy hair. Not only does brushing help stimulate your scalp and therefore, encourage hair growth, but it distributes natural oils from your scalp through your hair, making it shinier and stronger.


5. Remove your hair extensions before going to bed

Even though your OMORFIE hair extensions look and feel amazing, unfortunately leaving them in 24/7 is not a good idea. While the clip-in extensions, like these, cause no damage whatsoever to your hair throughout the day, wearing them to bed will cause major tangling and tugging which can be damaging to both your hair and your extensions!

How To: Protect Your Hair While Sleeping | Omorfie Hair Care

By taking a few extra steps and incorporating hair care into your nighttime beauty routine, you can make sure that your hair is protected overnight, keeping it long, strong, and flyaway-free!