Meet Bravo's Winterhouse Star, Gabrielle Kniery

Meet Bravo's Winterhouse Star, Gabrielle Kniery

Time to profile another real hair journey. Meet Bravo's Winterhouse star, model and author, Gabrielle Kniery. This super-busy style queen is ready to lose the drama - in her haircare routine that is!

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Gabrielle is all about embracing her natural curls and wants to make the most of the beautiful locks she was given. Working as a model means Gabrielle is regularly in the styling chair, and her gorgeous natural black curls mean that she can literally rock any style she likes! But all that heat and product can leave her hair prone to dryness and tangles (which in turn means more breakage). 

To keep her hair from drying out, Gabrielle told us she only washes once a week. This helps to retain the natural oils produced by the scalp. She wants a haircare solution that helps lock in the moisture and can repair the damage from years of styling.

OUR SOLUTION? The combined power of our WRAP KIT and brand new RITUELLE SET

We’re super excited for Gabrielle to be one of the first to get her hands on our brand new LUSH HOUR ultra-light botanical hair oil. Featuring the silvery leaves of the sideritis plant - hand-picked from the Greek mountains and harvested for its healing properties - LUSH HOUR will repair the damage caused by frequent heat styling and processing. Adding few drops of this divine hair oil on her mid-lengths will give Gabrielle healthier, stronger hair with unbelievable shine.  

To unleash her hair’s inner strength, we’re also going to introduce Gabrielle to QUENCH YOUR THIRST. This unique moisturizing masque is powered with Abyssinian oil, which is easily absorbed into the hair strands, and assists with detangling, reduces frizz and protects against the elements.

The final piece of the puzzle? Our go-to styling tools - WAFFLE HAIR WRAP and BEACH COMB. Made from ultra-fine fibres, the innovative WAFFLE HAIR WRAP is lightweight and super soft, so it’s a gentle way for Gabrielle to dry her thick hair quickly. And nothing works better on tangles than our wide-toothed BEACH COMB, designed to minimise frizz while massaging the scalp. 



We can’t wait to see what’s next for Gabrielle. To keep up to date with her OMORFIE hair journey, make sure to follow us on Insta and subscribe to our SMS list for regular updates and expert tips from our hair care team.