Beat the Heat: Speed Dating

Beat the Heat: Speed Dating


It may seem simple, obvious even, but many people are confused when it comes to the benefits of using vitamin-rich heat protector mists before attacking your strands with heat styling tools.

It’s easy to forget, and often skipped, but OMORFIE’s silicone free and Vitamin B5 rich solution, Beat the Heat, is the one and only must when thermal styling your hair. Not convinced? We’re answering your top questions when comes to protecting your hair.


What exactly is ‘heat protector’ and why do we need it?  

Heat protectants are like sunscreen for your hair. Just how zinc acts as a barrier between your skin and the sun, heat protectants act in the same way for your hair. They form a barrier over the cuticle of the hair, protecting your hair from the heat of your styling tool of choice. Plus, just like sunscreen, Beat the Heat protects your hair against free radical damage caused by UV rays, making it perfect for days in the Summer sun!

Beat the Heat Omorfie | Hair Styling Product | Heat Protectant

What is the benefit of Vitamin B5?

Vitamin B5 is used in hair care products to promote moisture-retention and is a great moisturiser. It spreads evenly over the hair strands and forms a smooth film on the surface, creating that significant shine and gloss. Vitamin B5 and its derivatives are capable of penetrating the cuticle and hair shaft, where it helps in moisture retention and provides volume. Not only does all this help with preventing your hair from drying out from excessive heat, but it aids in detangling and giving your hair that ultra-glossy finish.

Beat the Heat Omorfie | Hair Styling Product | Heat Protectant

Are there any bonus benefits?

Not only is your hair going to be protected and moisturised, but you’ll reap so many more benefits with Beat the Heat. Reduce frizz, prevent split ends, add major shine;  bottom line, your hair will look and feel amazing. Healthy hair will not only style so much easier, but it will also look good enough to not need as much styling, which in turn will prevent damage (and save you time). Everyone’s winning!

Beat the Heat Omorfie | Hair Styling Product | Heat Protectant

When should I apply it?

If you are intending to blow dry your hair, apply the mist to damp hair, spraying the mid-lengths and ends, then combing through (with your Beach Comb, of course). For straightening or curling, simply spray on dry hair and comb through before applying heat.

Even UV rays cause damage to your hair. So, if you are intending to spend a day in the sun, applying a little Beat the Heat can keep your hair moisturised and shiny.