Back Story: Formulating LET'S GET LUSH

Back Story: Formulating LET'S GET LUSH

I’m Morgan, the founder of OMORFIE. Today I’m coming out from behind the brand to share my own real hair journey.

If you've been following us for a while, you've probably gathered we LOVE healing overworked tresses and have a number of high-profile fans who share their OMORFIE hair journey.


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There are two reasons I want to share my story:

1) my own hair drama is what led me to create OMORFIE haircare, and

2) I know that many other women have experienced similar issues with their hair, and I want to show you that it IS possible to repair the damage.

Before founding OMORFIE, I spent over 15 years as a session stylist and salon owner so believe me when I say in terms of hair I’ve literally seen it all. I know the ins and outs of hair and how far we push our precious strands while keeping up with the latest hair trends.

In 2018 I decided to make a drastic hair color change. I went from blond back to my natural mid-brown, in the safest way possible. I’ll share the results of this drastic change later but, spoiler alert, It did SERIOUS DAMAGE to my hair!

Now, I know what you're thinking: “But Morgan, you're a professional hairstylist, didn't you guide the color treatment?”

The answer is no. I was a paying client at another salon. I trusted the stylist (who attended hundreds of hours of education and had loads of experience) and I have seen over the years how color companies invest millions each year to develop high-quality products and make coloring as safe as possible. And yet… 


The reality is, no matter how good your stylist, or how expensive the hair service is, any color treatment will change the structure of your hair cuticle. In other words, regardless of your hair type or texture, after a color treatment, your hair WILL experience some form of breakage.

With that said, I am not about to recommend you stop coloring your hair! I certainly haven’t stopped.

But what I do recommend is that you take the time to learn what healthy hair looks like and how you can prevent damage and restore your hair health without having to resort to quick fixes like hair extensions. (I’m not against them, but I believe you should be able to achieve luscious lengths au-naturale.)



In my search for a simple hair care solution that could repair my weak, brittle strands while simultaneously boosting my scalp health so my hair would grow back stronger and smoother wasn't easy.

What I found was frankly pretty disappointing. There were plenty of products that claimed to fix damage, but all they really did was hide it with nasties like chemicals and silicone or the formula was too heavy, which meant I couldn't get more than two days out of my blow-dry or - it didn't smell nice. 



This is where my OMORFIE haircare journey began; My mission was to create a simple hair routine, that’s sustainable and restores hair health whilst protecting against future damage.

And after a lot of testing and trialing, I’m thrilled to share the feedback and shine the spotlight on you, our community.



My hair has since grown back longer and stronger than ever before. I also went lighter (another story for another time) and can confirm there is zero hair fall. My non-negotiable to building your healthy hair routine is start with the LUSH KIT.