It’s official, BEAT THE HEAT is a best seller. OMORFIE babes all over the globe are going crazy for our protector mist and here’s why.

1. It will simplify your daily hair care routine

BEAT THE HEAT is the ultimate multitasking hair product. It's every OMORFIE babe’s go to for protection against the sun and thermal styling while giving your hair a natural shine. It instantly boosts volume, calms frizz and adds a subtle summery scent with a single squeeze. BEAT THE HEAT will cut your daily hair care routine time in half- you’ll be spending less time in the bathroom and more time outside enjoying the sun!

2. It will help to improve your hair’s condition

Unlike standard hair care products, BEAT THE HEAT will actually help to improve your hair’s texture, elasticity & condition. It’s enriched with a load of hair loving ingredients like apple, bergamot, jasmine and vitamin B5 to rejuvenate, renew and moisturise your hair. It’s super light and makes your hair feel soft and fresh. What it won’t do? Crisp your hair and dry it out like a heavier spray.

3. Be an eco-warrior

BEAT THE HEAT is also cruelty-free, paraben free, sulphate free, silicone free and Australian made. And our packaging is 95% recyclable. So go on. Treat yourself while looking out for our planet and your hair.

4. All-in-one

When you’ve got one product that does it all, there’s no need to go buying multiple, expensive hair care products. BEAT THE HEAT is the only product you need to make for softer, healthier hair. We promise it will keep your locks hydrated and protected, soft and shiny and it's guaranteed to restore, protect and shine -what more do you need?

5. It works for all hair types

BEAT THE HEAT is super sheer & light. There’s absolutely no need to worry about it not being the perfect product for your hair type. BEAT THE HEAT is versatile with all natural ingredients, meaning that it’s perfect for any babe who craves natural, healthy hair.

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